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  1. 製作品を使用する権利
  2. 製作品を再生する権利
  3. 製作品を分配する権利
  4. 製作品を適応させするかあるいはそれに変更を加える権利
  5. 製作品を表示する権利




One of the building blocks of the American social and political system is the right to own and defend private property.
Real, personal, and intellectual. The Copyright law arises from the high value we place on private property and is one of the protective mechanisms put in place to encourage creative efforts, effectuate productive social policy, and protect the rights of owners of intellectual property. Patent and Trademark laws have similar underpinnings.

Basically, Copyright amounts to a legally protectable property interest. It provides the creator of an intellectual or artistic work the right to control how the work is used.

The Copyright Act of 1970 grants authors a bundle of intangible and exclusive rights over their creation.
These rights include:
  1. the right to use the work
  2. the right to reproduce the work
  3. the right to distribute the work
  4. the right to adapt the work or make changes to it
  5. the right to display the work

These rights may be exercised only by the author, or his successor in interest. They are exclusive rights akin in many respects to a monopoly. If somebody else wrongfully uses, reproduces, distributes or otherwise interferes with the owner’s material covered by copyright, the owner of the work may initiate legal action to obtain either money damages, injunctive relief or both.

A copyright automatically arises from the act of creation. And, the exclusive rights of the author represent a protectable interest at common law without reference, or dependance on any statutory framework. Thus, it is unnecessary to "register" a work with the U.S. Register of Copyrights to be afforded some measure of protection. If a work is registered with the U.S. Copyright Office shortly after first publication however, statutory remedies are available against infringers of the copyright which do not exist at common law. Thus, it is prudent to register works and place a valid copyright notice on all copies.


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