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When your business is your livelihood, wouldn’t you protect it at all costs? Farmers Insurance has your back, offering businesses of any size the appropriate insurance policies at the best cost with the least hassle. Specifically, when it comes to Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI), not enough is known about the importance of coverage.  

Just as you carefully select employees based on the value they can add to your business, so too should you consider investing in EPLI to safeguard your business. Obtaining EPLI insurance protects your company against employee-related lawsuits made by current and former employees and potential hires with claims. This type of coverage also helps cover associated legal fees, transferring risk from your business to our insurance agency. 

It's sold as an additional coverage purchase and although it’s optional, is highly recommended. Think of it in a scenario where it’s best to have it and not need it so you’re better safe, than sorry. Offered by itself or combined with an existing policy, EPLI protects businesses against employee lawsuits alleging inappropriate or unfair acts that vary from ADA incompliance and discrimination to sexual harassment and wrongful termination.  

As a business owner in the Golden State, you've likely noticed insurance rates increasing. For the past few years, employment-related lawsuits have been devastating the insurance market with California at the forefront. This is due to the unprecedented times we’re living in with the global pandemic. In 2020, rates increased during 2020 between 5 and 35 percent with businesses that have 50 to 100 employees seeing their annual premium double. 


Lawyers are constantly suing businesses, often leaving employers without EPLI coverage to fight an uphill battle. As many as 41 percent of EPLI-related lawsuits are brought against private companies with less than 100 employees. In addition, businesses are three times more likely to be sued as the result of an EPLI claim than it is to experience a fire. As astate known for litigation that favors the employee with large pay-outs by the insurance company, California courts settle for much more. In fact, it costs roughly 260 percent more to resolve a claim when compared to other states. 


As accountable insurance stewards we encourage business owners to be proactive by being prepared. Don’t get caught in an unnecessary lawsuit. The last thing your business needs is a financial nightmare. Do yourself and livelihood a favor by learning more about EPLI coverage for your business and you may end up on the winning side of a claim. 


If you weren’t interested in EPLI at the beginning of this blog, I hope I’ve sparked your curiosity enough to at least give us a call and speak with one of our knowledgeable agents. While it costs nothing to learn more about how to protect your business from employment claims, doing nothing could be financially devastating. Farmers Insurance offers competitive pricing. Let our dedicated agents protect your company’s assets so you can focus on building your business. 


Daiju Yoshino is a 15-year Farmers Insurance® agent and San Diego-based agency owner in California. As a member of the Presidents Council, he’s been awarded an elite distinction representing the top 1% of Farmers Insurance® out of 13,000+ agents. 

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「雇用慣行賠償責任保険(EPLI)」は、単独、または既存の保険契約と組み合わせて提供されます。障害を持つアメリカ人法(ADA incompliance)や差別、セクハラ、不当解雇などさまざまな不適切・不公正行為を主張する従業員の訴訟から企業を保護します。 















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