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Rental Car Coverage


One of the most frequently asked questions about auto insurance is related to rental car coverage and that is: If I rent a car, will it be covered? California auto insurance follows the car first and if there isn’t enough coverage the driver’s insurance then kicks in following an accident. For example, if you have insurance with comprehensive and collision coverage and the rental car does not, your insurance kicks in. However, if you only have liability insurance, that transfers to the rental car.

Another example would be if you borrowed a friend’s car. If your friend has insurance with comprehensive and collision coverage and you get into an accident that’s your fault, your friend’s insurance would cover the damage. However, you will need a separate “permissive use” coverage on the policy. Many insurance companies don’t offer this.

It’s important to check your policy to see if this situation is covered. In this case, even though your friend’s insurance would cover the damage, it’s the driver who got into the accident whose insurance rate would go up.

At Farmers Insurance we offer permissive use, which means you’d be covered if you decide to let a friend drive your car. We even cover 50 miles into Mexico. If you have any questions about coverage, please reach out to us. We always welcome a free review of coverage with your current carrier.


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別の例としては、友人の車を借りた場合です。あなたの友人が包括的および衝突のカバレッジと保険を持っている場合、あなたはあなたの障害である事故に入る、あなたの友人の保険は、損傷をカバーすることになります。ただし、その保険には別途「Permissive Use」という補償が必要です。多くの保険会社では、これを提供していません。


ファーマーズ・インシュアランスでは、Permissive Useを提供しています。つまり、友人に車を運転させることにした場合、保険が適用されます。メキシコまでの50マイルもカバーします。もし、補償についてご質問があれば、私たちに連絡してください。現在ご加入の保険会社の補償内容を無料で確認させていただくことも可能です。