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クチコミ Review

モトフォト サンディエゴ - MotoPhoto-SanDiego

  • 匿名ユーザー 03/18/20

    We hired Kotaro in 2015 to take our family photos and the results were outstanding. He was extremely patient with us as we weren’t exactly sure what we wanted in the way of a format. He guided us through and the outcome was what we were looking for. We now use him for both our businesses which are Real Estate and manufacturing. He does a great job at a very fair price!!

  • 匿名ユーザー 03/17/20

    住宅のマーケティング写真の撮影をお願いしています。 流石にプロだと思う写真は、お客様にもとても好評で、安心してお任せできる写真家です。 我が家の家族写真も今までで一番気に入っています。 

  • SDママ 03/14/20